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♀♀♀rIoT grrrrrL!! ♫♫♫♪
Acabo de ver esta pelicula
y llore (LOL) es comedia romantica pero me
encanto jijiji tiene muy buenas tomas y direccion de arte
y guion; es de esas movies que te ponen a pensar sobre tu vida
sentimental ya sea existente o nula, tambien te hace pasar un rato agradable
pero a moco y lagrima tendida hahaha en fin

he aqui una frases que me guataron:::

On the reasons-to-
stop-seeing-her side, we have
One, on-going physical danger.
Two, high likelihood
of a broken heart.
Three, uh, career sabotage.
Four, she is clinically insane.
Five, she seems to enjoy
my pain.
piece match set of
Louis Vuitton emotional baggage.
Seven, I haven't even
kissed her yet for god's sake!
Eight, she's ruining my life.
- And the reasons
to keep seeing her?

- I'm in love with her.


Something had to be done.
In order for us to have
a chance in the future,
I had to make a break
with the past.


Destiny is the bridge
you build
to the one you love.

I wish you a story
with a happy ending...
and the wisdom to look for it.


where is the line between
romantic and delusional?
And how-how do you know
once you've crossed
said line, you know?

Do we live in the physical
world that we can touch,
or do we live in the world
we create in our minds?


all I know is that even
when destiny really wants
to accomplish something,
it can't do it alone.

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